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We have maintained long-term and stable cooperative relations with more than 80 customers from more than 40 countries, these customers are from: 

Europe: Germany, The United Kingdom, France, Italy, Sweden, Poland, Austria, Ukraine, Spain, Portugal,Denmark, the Netherlands, Serbia,the Czech republic, Slovakia, Russia, Switzerland, Belgium, Ireland, Finland, Croatia 

North America: the United States, Canada, Mexico 

South America: Venezuela, Colombia, Peru, Chile, Brazil 

Oceania: Australia, New Zealand 

Asia: Japan, Israel, Singapore, Korea, Lebanon, Thailand, Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, Qatar, Malaysia, Turkey.

Our products are widely used in these industries: Aerospace; Military; Auto cars; Shipping boats; Electronics; Lighting; Telecommunications; Audio; Security; Furniture; Machinery; Office facilities; Power supply; Toys Gifts; Medical facility; Architecture.