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1.Quality Concept:

All staff involved, enhanced management; Full-process control, continuous improvement; To pursue perfect, to satisfy clients;To create world-class quality in our industry.

2.Quality Policy:

All staff involved, each member is responsible, Rewording Goodness, Clarifying Responsibilities, punishing defectiveness per confirmed responsibility.

Full-process control,enhanced management, fist-class quality, customer satisfaction, bearing responsibility and mission in mind forever.

Document firstly, cautious audit, jigs following new products tightly, training and instructing, supervising and checking. Rather stopping than defectiveness, never producing and deliver our defective products.

3.Assurance of Technology, Quality, Delivery:

Drawing audit carefully,inducting repeatedly, structure to be reasonable, tolerance to be appropriate, requirement to be clear, material to be suitable, thickness to be feasible, technique to be correct, surface finish to be compatible, mold to be precise, labor cost to be decreased, document to be completed. Rejecting defective products,cracking down on waste, full-process control, record and supervision, Striving for excellence, optimizing comprehensively and constantly. KPI is conducted on each operating post Work Flow + System + ERP + Company Culture = Perfect Match = Excellent Result