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1. General chapter of corporate culture    

2.Quality concept

Product quality represents moral quality; Product quality is our dignity.

Failure in developing new product ≤ 0 batch every month

Quality related complaints ≤ 1 batch every month

Leadtime related complaints ≤ 2 batch every month


                 In 2016, quality problem was ≤ 2 batches, QC manager get award of ¥10000

3.Lead time concept

Operate and manage with system

All members cooperated fully

Accomplish every promise

4.Service concept 

15 professional sales-team

17 years of good heart care

365 days touched the world

5.Management concept

Required every member like army;

Cultivate every member like school;

Care every member like family. 

6.Employee concept

Employee concept.png

7.Team concept

No perfect person but perfect team,we adore elite of team